Entrust Your Property to a Reliable Home Inspector in Monticello, NY

We all want the best for our loved ones, and that includes providing them with a safe, secure home. Yet, homes in Monticello, NY, like anywhere else, are subject to wear and tear. As a homeowner, you might not be aware of lurking issues in your property that could escalate into serious problems. From electrical malfunctions to hidden mold growth, any oversight can lead to heavy expenses and, even worse, compromise the safety of your family. In situations like these, a trusted home inspector can be your safeguard.

Hidden defects in your home can quickly grow into major headaches if left unattended. Imagine discovering a plumbing issue that has caused unnoticed water damage over time or realizing your HVAC system is leaking hazardous materials. Such unaddressed issues can result in expensive, disruptive repairs. Even if you’re savvy about DIY fixes, some problems require expert attention to ensure they’re identified and addressed appropriately. This is where home inspection services, sewer inspection services, radon testing services, and water testing services become indispensable.

Located in Glen Wild, NY, and proudly servicing Monticello, NY, and the greater Hudson Valley area, Tru Home Inspection offers you peace of mind. Our team of seasoned home inspectors performs comprehensive evaluations covering every nook and cranny of your home—from its structural integrity to electrical systems, plumbing, and HVAC. With our detailed reports, you’ll be empowered to make informed decisions about maintenance, repairs, or even home purchases. When you partner with a seasoned home inspector like Tru Home Inspection, you can ensure the well-being and safety of your family, making your house truly a home.


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Hidden defects in your home in Monticello, NY, can escalate into major issues if not addressed. Trust Tru Home Inspection for comprehensive home inspection services.

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