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The Home from Top to Bottom

- Roofing
- Grounds
- Exterior
- Structure
- Heating
- Cooling


- Interior
- Electrical
- Plumbing
- Attics

- Appliances
- Mechanicals

Thermal Imaging

We see things others don't...

-Hidden Roof Leaks
-Moisture Intrusion
-Missing Insulation
-Pest Infestations

-Electrical Issues
-HVAC deficiencies

-Plumbing Leaks


Radon Testing

Known as the "Silent Killer" this odorless, colorless gas is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the U.S. We always recommended to test during an inspection to keep your family safe. Learn more from the EPA.

Sewer & Septic Inspections

We locate and camera scope the components of your on-site waste management system to prevent any surprises that can cost you thousands of dollars in damages.

Drone Photpography

Whenever possible, we try to physically walk and inspect the roof. But, if we can't, we will still get the information you need with our drone footage.

Water Testing

Regardless of whether you have a well or are connected to city water, we can test for contaminants. Over time, pipes leach and well casings deteriorate, allowing microorganisms, heavy metals, and other materials into your drinking water. We can outline an inspection package specific to your needs to ensure your water is safe.

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